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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Date of birthDecember 29th, 1972
Place of birthCologne (Germany)

Academic Work Experience

since 04/2014Professor of Linguistics (tenured) at the Department for Romance Languages at the University of Cologne
04/2013 - 03/2014Professor of Linguistics (tenured) at the Department for Romance Languages at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin
09/2012 - 03/2013Professor of Linguistics (tenured) at the Department of General Linguistics at the University of Strasbourg
04/2012 - 08/2012Visiting professor of Linguistics at the Department for Romance Languages at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin
04/2010 - 03/2012Visiting professor of Linguistics at the Department for Romance Languages at the University of Freiburg
10/2007 - 03/2010Visiting professor of Linguistics at the Department for Romance Languages at the University of Hamburg
08/2007 - 10/2007Researcher, ZAS Berlin, subproject P11 (Questions & Answers)
02/2007 - 07/2007Reintegration fellowship of the DFG, ZAS Berlin
11/2004 - 01/2007Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the German Research Foundation DFGat New York University. Coordination of the project A variationist study on interrogative word order variants of French and Persian
05/2000 - 10/2004Research Associate, University of Tübingen (Germany), Research Center Linguistic Data Structures, subproject “Suboptimal Syntactic Structures”.

Education and Training


Habilitation, University of Freiburg

Title of the work: "Gradient Acceptability and Frequency Effects in Information Structure: a quantitative study on Spanish, Catalan, and Persian"

10/2000 -07/2003 (officially awarded in 10/2004 after book publication)

Ph.D. in Romance Linguistics, Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen (Germany), grade: summa cum laude

Dissertation title: “Grammatische Variation und Sozialstruktur
(keywords: French interrogative syntax, sociolinguistics, linguistic methodology)
supervisor: Prof. Jürgen M. Meisel, co-supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Sternefeld

10/1998 -11/2000Diploma in Psychology (equivalent to M.A.), University of Bonn (Germany)
10/1994 -06/1998

Double degrees, Linguistics and Psychology, University of Toulouse 2 (France)

a. Maîtrise in Linguistics (equivalent to M.A.)
b. Licence in Psychology (equivalent to B.A.)

10/1993 - 09/1994Psychology, 1st year, University of Bonn (Germany)
11/1992 - 07/1993French Language Course, Alliance Française, Toulouse (France), result: Diplôme de Langue Française

International Activities

since 2014Peer reviewer for the journal Linguistics
2012-2013Member of the Linguistics selection committee, University of Strasbourg
2005-2011Member of the program committee (2005), abstract reviewer (2005-2011), and panel chair (2007) for the conference New Ways of Analyzing Variation
2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011Peer reviewer for the journal Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
2011Panel chair at the conference Variation and Typology, Helsinki
2010Reviewer for Research Grant Proposals submitted to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
2009Reviewer for the journal Language Variation and Change
2008Peer reviewer for the journal Lingua

International Research Visits

09/2011Department of linguistics, University of Isfahan

Workshop Organization

03/2014Section Grammatical categories in macro- and microcomparative linguistics, 36th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft), University of Marburg. (together with Martin Haspelmath and Andreas Dufter)
07/2013Corpora and tools in Linguistics, University of Strasbourg (together with the University of Freiburg, Saarland University, and University of Nancy)
11/2011System, Usage, and Society, University of Freiburg
01/2003Diversity of Data and Perspectives in Universality and Variation, University of Tübingen

Awards, Grants, Honors

09/2013Grant of the German Research Foundation DFG in order to fund the project „The Relation between Grammar and Usage: Null Subjects and Subject Position in Spanish and Persian“.
07/2011Grant of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft in Freiburg for transcribing and annotating Persian speech recordings of the database sgs
01/2011Grant of the Freiburg School of Advanced Studies in order to organize the international workshop System, Usage, and Society
09/2010Travel Grant of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft in Freiburg for participating at the conference New Ways of Analyzing Variation in San Antonio, US
09/2009Travel Grant of the Stiftungen und Körperschaftsvermögen of the University of Hamburg for participating at the conference New Ways of Analyzing Variation in Ottawa, CA
11/2004 - 07/2007Emmy-Noether Research Grant (+ Rückkehrstipendium), German Research Foundation DFG
11/2003 - 07/2004Grant of the interdisciplinary art, science & business program of the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (Germany)
04/2002 - 09/2002Visiting scholar at the linguistic research group GGT of the UAB University of Barcelona (Spain), funded by the European inter-regional institution Four motors for Europe
10/1995 - 09/1998Scholarship of the Dr. Jost-Henkel-Stiftung, Düsseldorf (Germany)
10/1995 - 06/1996Grant of the Franco-German Youth Office, Berlin / Paris, for a research internship at the University of Toulouse 2, France

Supervising Activities and Member of Dissertation Committees
(Univ. of Hamburg, Univ. of Freiburg, Univ. of Strasbourg, Humboldt University Berlin)

2014Sarah Manz. (M.A.). Towards a focus annotation in a corpus of spontaneous speech.
2013Konrad Schaller. (B.A.). Quo vadis créole martiniquais? An analysis of a French-based Creole in Martinique.
2013Eric Engel (B.A.). Syntactic integration and the interpretation of concessives.
2013Antonia Hausen (B.A.). Sociolinguistic variation in French at the level of suprasegmental phonology.
2012Julia Henkel (B.A.). Semantics of topicality and theticity.
2012Lena Hübner (B.A.). Comparing Language Contact Situations: French/English in Quebec and Spanish/Catalan in Catalonia.
2012Daniel Hornuß (Staatsexamen & Magister). Theticity in French.
2012Antje Galitschke (B.A.). Verb semantics, definiteness, and specificity: a corpus study.
2010Gorden Maschwitz (Staatsexamen). Spanish subject pronouns and the fine structure of topics.
2010Atena Sazegar (B.Sc. psychology). Cognitive representation of null subject pronouns and the theory of information structure.
2009Christine Thamm (Staatsexamen). The interaction between syntax, pragmatics, and intonation in French polar questions.
2009/2010Jana Freundt (B.A.). Focus in French cleft constructions: An analysis in terms of evolutionary game theory.
2009Claudia Langwald (Baccalaureat). Verbal person and number inflection and null subjects in Spanish.
2009Barbara Sastre (PhD), A sociolinguistic study on the attitude towards the language of German immigrants in Mallorca.


German, Persianmother tongues
French, English, Spanish, Italian, Catalanmore or less fluent
Portuguese, Modern Greek, Norwegian (Bokmål)basic knowledge