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Publications & Talks


  • Canes Nápoles, A. & Delbecque, N. 2017. “’En realidad’, polisemia y polifuncionalidad de un marcador discursivo”. In Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana (RILI): 29 (1):173-206.
  • Canes Nápoles, A. "Modeling discourse coherence from its interfaces: the interrelated nature of Discourse Markers and Information Structure", PhD Thesis (in progress).


  • Canes Nápoles, A. 2019. Interplay between Spanish DM 'y' and Information Structure in the construction of discourse coherence. Panel contribution. 16th International Pragmatics Conference (IprA), Hong Kong. IPrA-theme session ‘Discourse structure and signaling devices: Diverse perspectives and current trends’ (Organized by: Ted Sanders, Hongyin Tao).
  • Canes Nápoles, A. 2018. The Sociolinguistic Lab goes to Cuba. Cologne summer school on ‘Challenges and Opportunities for a Multilingual Society – Movement, Migration, Languages, Psychology, and Education. Cologne, August 2018.
  • Canes Nápoles, A./Delbecque, N. 2016. ‘En realidad’: polifuncionalidad y polisemia de un marcador discursivo. 45th Simposio de la Sociedad Española de Lingüística. January 2016, Universidad de Jaén
  • Canes Nápoles, A./Delbecque, N. 2016. ‘Decision tree application to DMs functional desambiguation'. 3rd International Conference on Linguistic & Psycholinguistic Approaches to Text Structuring (LPTS). January 2016, Universitat de València.
  • Canes Nápoles, A./Delbecque, N. 2015. ‘En realidad’ as a crossing gate: multifunctionality and polysemy of a DM. 14th International Pragmatics Conference (IPRA). July 2015, Universiteit Antwerpen.